Safety and security ashore 

Be security conscious and take sensible precautions. Always pack your own luggage and don’t leave it unattended.

  • Obey the local law – remember that the laws and procedures which apply are those of the country you are in, not your home country.
  • Dress and behave conservatively, in accordance with local customs and sensitivities.
  • Always swim at safe beaches and only participate in snorkelling or scuba activities if you have received training. Do not scuba within 24 hours of flying. Never dive into water of unknown depth.
  • Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
  • When going ashore, carry only the minimum amount of cash that you’ll need for that day. Leave your valuables and spare cash and credit cards in your room’s safety deposit box.
  • You must wear a life jacket for boating, water skiing and other offshore water sports. Check water sports equipment for quality and safety features.
  • Booking tours outside of the P&O Cruises Shore Tour program is not recommended as P&O has not individually assessed tours outside this program and cannot make any comment on the standard or safety of these tours.
  • Guests aren’t permitted to take food of any kind from the ship to any destination visited. During your time ashore, we recommend you drink plenty of bottled water, avoid ice and eat well cooked food only. Beware of uncooked food including salads and fruit you cannot peel. As we can’t monitor the conditions and methods of preparation of food and drinks ashore, guests are advised that if they purchase or consume food in port, they do so at their own risk.

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Nautical Glossary

Toward the stern, relative to some object ("abaft the fore hatch").
Beam ends
The sides of a ship. "On her beam ends" may mean the vessel is literally on her side and possibly about to capsize; more often, the phrase means the vessel is listing 45 degrees or more.
Bear down
Turn away from the wind, often with reference to a transit.
A type of centerboard that is lifted vertically; often used in pairs.
An air or foam filled bumper used in boating to keep boats from banging into docks or each other.
Gradually, as "lower handsomely".
The watches from four to six and six to eight in the evening.
The inclination of a ship to run to windward.
A particular kind of vessel.
Fresh away
When your ship increases its velocity.

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What payment options do I have to pay for my cruise?
Accepted payment with selected credit cards (1.5% surcharge applies). More info here.
Once onboard, how do I pay for extra items?
Multiple ways of purchasing goods onboard are available to you - from Credit Cards to cash. More info here.
I have kids. What facilities do you have for children?
Qualified staff run a great choice of awesome activities for kids of all ages, giving you the option to spend the day child-free. Here's how it works.
What's actually included in the cruise price?
Accommodation, all main meals, entertainment and use of facilities such as swimming pools, gym, spas, table tennis, children's centres (excluding late night group child-minding) and library are all included in your cruise package.
What are the different types of cabins available? What's the difference between them?
Choose from outstanding balcony cabins with ocean views, great-value internal cabins, 4-berth options to share with family or friends or outside cabins with windows. Click here for more information.

For the answers to many other questions check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Access

Passenger using a laptop
Wireless internet and internet cafes are available on all P&O Cruises ships (charges apply).
Internet Access