Mataram Highlights

Your highlights tour begins with a visit to Lingsar, a large temple complex, built in 1714, still used today by both Hindus and the local Sasak people, practising Islam Wetu Telu, as a place of worship. Inside you'll find a pond that has innumerable holy eels which cannot be seen by just leaning over the water - they have to be lured out of their hidings with fragments of hard boiled eggs. Once the eel is sighted, a wish can be made and this is said to come true. From Lingsar you will head to Sayang –Sayang Art Market, where you can find hand crafted pottery by experienced craftsmen, baskets, which are finely woven from strips of rattan, banana leaves, other vegetal fibbers as well as wooden carvings. Lombok is renowned for its incredibly cheap pearls, and a visit to some of the local pearl shops is a must when in the city centre of Mataram. Your final stop on this tour will be the Nusa Tenggara Barat Province museum; here the highlights are the hand woven cloth collections, the intricately detailed Kris knives, and a small Dongson drum. The museum is also home to excellent displays of ancient tools and craft works. Most of the displays have English captions. One Showcase holds “mystical” paraphernalia with amulets used to acquire supernatural force, immunity from weapons or to foretell the future.
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    Sightseeing / City Tour

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    5 hours

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    Adult from $85.99
    Children (12 & under) from $69.99

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Don’t forget your camera, there will be a number of photo opportunities on this tour.


Enjoy traditional rice cakes and seasonal fruits, as well as Coffee or Tea.

Special Notes

To make your day as enjoyable as possible, please ensure that you wear comfortable flat-soled walking shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, a hat and bring along some SPF30+ or higher factor sunscreen and bottled water. To respect the local beliefs and traditions you will need to ensure that long pants or skirts are worn when entering the temple and that your shoulders are covered. Don't forget local currency for additional purchases.

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