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Welcome to Semarang, your gateway to central java, hilly residential and plantation areas, the world heritage site of Borobudur and of course - a day of java’s contrasts, colour and culture.

Situated on Java’s north coast, Semarang serves as Central Java’s largest city and administrative capital – it is also one of Indonesia’s oldest cities. This combination of history and industry ensures a charming contrast between modern and Dutch Colonial architecture, nestled between traditional Chinatown and small kampongs (villages).

Semarang has two parts, the lowlands and the highlands. The hills play host to residences with lovely gardens and superb views and the lowlands are characterised by offices and business centres. The businesses within Semarang and surrounds include manufacturers of textiles, furniture and food (such as Coca-Cola) and the large head offices of banks and servicing companies.

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What To See

visit chinatown’s temples

Other cultures primarily the Chinese, have left their imprint on Semarang and continue to be a significant part of its way of life. Semarang boasts several Chinese temples including; Sam Po Kong, built in honour of the Chinese Great Admiral, and Tay Kak Sie Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. The main temple was built in 1772 and both can be found in the city’s Chinatown.

Tastes the flavours of semarang

As you explore the city you will find an abundance of food stalls, restaurants and cafes offering a variety of Asian cuisine. If you would like to ‘experience’ Semarang through food, try the Bandeng Presto (pressure cooked milkfish) or the Lumpia (pastries similar to spring rolls). It is also customary to eat finger foods with your right hand and telling the chef or staff “sedap” (meaning delicious) will win you a smile! Drinking alcohol is not a custom in Semarang so it is not easy to find bars. Please avoid small tents selling homemade tea and alcohol and only drink bottled water. Oh, and if the food is delicious and the service is good, a tip of around 10% is polite.

More About Semarang


The ship is scheduled to dock at the port of Tanjung Mas, located about two kilometres from the centre of Semarang.


Taxis are generally available outside the port terminal building. Alternatively, walking around Semarang is a great way to explore.


One of the major shopping streets is Simpang Lima and the mall; Citraland is there. There are many arts and crafts shops around the city. The central market is Pasar Johar Market, selling brassware and bric-a-brac in addition to the usual foodstuffs and textiles.


Bargaining is customary in small shops and markets. It is also polite to tip taxi drivers, serving staff and those who offer satisfactory help and service.


Please drink only bottled water, either purchased onboard the ship or in town.

There are restaurants, cafes and food stalls throughout the whole of the city and they feature a variety of Asian cuisine. Drinking alcohol is not a custom in Semarang. Please note, as with all ports of call, the condition and method of preparation cannot be monitored by P&O Cruises. With that in mind if passengers purchase or consume this food they do so entirely at their own risk.


Official temperatures range from a 20ºC - 32ºC.


An ATM is located at the port and credit cards are widely accepted - but not cash in $AU. Banks are open between 8.30 AM to 3.00 PM.


Public telephones are available at the port. International calls can be made from public phones with card phone facilities.


To make your day as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat shoes, lightweight clothes and a hat and bring along sunscreen, water and insect repellent.

It is suggested that visitors should dress modestly out of respect, long trousers or skirts should be worn if you plan on visiting a temple or mosque.


There is a range of shore tours available to ensure you get the most out of your time in Semarang. Subject to availability, tours may be booked onboard at the Shore Tour Desk. Passengers will meet at a specific location for each shore tour departure. Please refer to the daily onboard newsletter for the correct time and place. Your friendly Shore Tours staff will be at that location to assist you.


Whatever you decide to do in Semarang, please bring your rubbish back to the ship with you, thank you.

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