Aboriginal Culture & Ngili Cave

Then, get ready for three hours of engaging storytelling and demonstrations as Josh leads you on a bushwalk through the brush to Ngilgi Cave. Along the way, he’ll identify flora and fauna used in medicines and meals and instruct you how to forage for native bush food. For Indigenous Australians, the land is the core of all spirituality and Ngilgi Cave is no exception. According to ancient legend, the cave is named after a good spirit named Ngilgi who triumphed over an evil spirit named Wolgine. The reward for his victory lies inside the cave. A stunning wonderland of stalactite, stalagmite and shawl formations, and helicitite crystals, the cave is a perfect setting to hear more Aboriginal legends, such as the Dreamtime stories, which describe the travels of their spiritual ancestors. Accompanying the stories is the melodic sounds of the didgeridoo, an instrument common to the Aborigines, and whose history is also based in Dreamtime legend Also important to Aboriginal people is karla, or fire, which represents life. After the performance, you’ll exit the cave and walk to the Meeting Place and witness traditional fire making. Watch how a crude stone tool gouges a recess in a piece of wood and a fire stick ignites a flame. Did you know that Aboriginal people were the first to introduce ground edges on cutting tools? After the fire making watch a demonstration of how knives are made, a tradition that dates back thousands of years. After another peaceful and meditative bushwalk, you’ll board your coach and enjoy a relaxing ride back to port as you contemplate your rich and enlightening day.
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