Cruise to Tonga & the South Pacific

All hail the king of the tropics; Tonga! This string of 170-odd islands is the last kingdom in the South Pacific. With tight holds to the past, it’s fiercely loyal to culture, traditions and monarchy. The Tongans are decidedly unhurried the locals are well and truly on island time. And who can blame them? The ocean that surrounds Tonga is one of its greatest attractions, teeming with sea life and bright corals. It’s considered one of the best spots in the world to spot big, beautiful whales. Cruise to Tonga with P&O to swim next to giant humpbacks, immerse yourself in ancient culture, or simply contemplate life at a slower pace. In just a short time you’ll see why it was formerly called The Friendly Islands.

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Visiting Ports

Bounty Mutiny

Scenic Cruising We won’t be landing here, but thought you might like to take a closer look, so we’ve arranged to anchor just offshore. READ MORE


Niuafo'ou is one of the most isolated specks in the Pacific. It is the Kingdom of Tonga's most northerly island, located 600 kilometres north of the main island of Tongatapu. READ MORE

Nomuka Islands

Scenic Cruising We won't be landing here, but thought you might like to take a closer look, so we've arranged to anchor just offshore. READ MORE


Nuku'alofa, which translates to 'home of love', is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. READ MORE


The sheer beauty of Vava’u can be overwhelming. It’s a photographer’s dream. The heavily forested main island, actually a coral atoll, rises in to more than 150 metres. READ MORE

When you embark on a holiday with P&O Cruises you enter another world. A world inspired by the freedom of the open sea. A world where ‘normal’ is what you make it. It is a world you enter the moment the ship leaves Earth and launches off on your adventure. A world where you are free to have your holiday any way that you choose. Start dinner with dessert. Wake up at the crack of midday. Discover strange new worlds.

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