Modern Village Tour

Part of Vanuatu but a world away from life as we know it, visit the island Aneityum where a local family will welcome you into their home and village for an authentic and personal cultural lesson. After boarding the ferry on Mystery Island you’ll take a short ride to the island of Aneityum where a local family from the island will meet you, take you on a walk through the village and then welcome you into their home. You’ll meet friendlier-than-they-look local warriors, witness the local way of life, learn about the village, history, culture and how they cultivate and prepare food. During the tour you’ll also learn about home life, the diverse culture of the island and its people including arranged marriages of the past compared to today's traditions, women's roles in the community, local cooking and kitchen demonstrations and traditional plant medicines. It’s a fascinating, authentic insight into the local way of life, both past and present.
  • Tour Code


  • Location

    Mystery Island

  • Activity Types

    Cultural Events

  • Experience Types

    Culture & History

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Fitness Level


  • Price

    Adult from $79.99
    Children (12 & under) from $49.99

Don’t forget your camera.


To make your day as enjoyable as possible, it is recommended to wear reef shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions including swimmers, a hat, SPF30+ or higher factor sunscreen and bring bottled water.

How to get there

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