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Papua New Guinea


Divers, snorkellers and mariners beware – you may never want to leave.

This is arguably Papua New Guinea’s most popular location for on and under water adventures, and that’s saying something considering the diving and snorkelling are excellent almost everywhere you turn in this country. Water visibility is fantastic, small islands dot the coastline and the little mountain flanked coastal town sits waiting, filled with culture and opportunities for exploration.

In Madang you'll have the chance to witness the fascinating tradition of the Goroka mud men in action and also a very special ‘sing sing’, where tribe members from the highland areas come together and share their culture and traditions with each other, as well as P&O Cruises passengers.

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3 hours

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Madang Harbour Cruise


2.5 hours

Adult: $109.99pp

Child: $69.99pp

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Madang Festival


10 minutes

Adult: $69.99pp

Child: $29.99pp

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