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Capital of Papua New Guinea's East Sepik Province, Wewak is steeped in history, rich in culture and blessed with natural beauty.

East Sepik Province is a wonderland of islands, beautiful coastlines, river system and mountain ranges. The mighty Sepik River runs 1126 kilometres from its source in the central mountains to the sea. Its annual volume of water flow makes it one of the world’s largest waterways. The local inhabitants depend on the river as a trade route and it is also a symbolic focal point for artistic expression. The province is culturally diverse with clans scattered within the province’s 6 districts. The economy of East Sepik relies on agriculture, copra, cocoa, oil palm and vanilla farming, fisheries and some tourism. Wewak, the province’s administrative capital is situated along the coastline. The town offers a unique mixture of the diverse Sepik culture, lifestyles, Japanese history and modern amenities. Enjoy the spectacular view of the town and coastlines while greeted by the warmth and friendliness from the people of Sepik.

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Japanese Surrender Tour


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What To See

Explore local markets

Most of Wewak’s markets are easily accessible on foot. The town market is one of the best in the region. Fresh local food, arts and crafts and locally-designed clothing can be found here. Other popular markets include Chambri Market, Wom and Maur villages. Baskets, bilum bags, carvings and crafted jewelleries can be bought at any of these markets. There will be sago, billum, mat & basket weaving at Wom and Maur villages.

Meni Beach

Walking distance from town is the long stretch of beach along the Boram road. This beautiful, white sandy Meni beach is ideal for relaxing, snorkelling, swimming, body boarding and surfing. Along the beach are arts & craft markets which are of interest to travellers. You will have the chance to see authentic Sepik traditional culture and artefacts display.


Located near Cape Wom, 14 kilometres west of Wewak town is the wartime airstrip and memorial where the Japanese Lieutenant General Adachi signed surrender documents and handed his sword to Major General Robertson on the 13 September 1945.


Wewak is also significant for its WWII history. Japanese and Allied war memorials in and around Wewak, and remnant Japanese war bunkers, tunnels and wrecks are of particular interest to war veterans and their descendents and to historians. The Wom War Memorial Park, war relics at the village, and the Japanese lookout at Mission Hill (Boy’s Town) are the most prominent WWII attractions. The lush tropical vegetation on the foothills to the south provides a magnificent backdrop to the town. Wewak was occupied by the Japanese 8th Army during WWII.

More About Wewak


Your ship will anchor offshore and tender boats will provide a regular service to and from Wewak Fisheries Jetty throughout the day. Your transit area will be the Wewak Yacht Club opposite the Fisheries Jetty.


Wewak Town and marketplace is walking distance from Fisheries Jetty. There are public motor vehicles (PMV), which provide transfers within the town area.


Wewak is famed for its unique woodcarvings, baskets and colourful string bags, locally known as the Sepik bilum, are available at market stalls.


There are a few local restaurants and resorts where you can sample local fare – sago and crocodile meat is a specialty. They will provide up on request prior to arrival.


Wewak maintains a year-round tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day.


Credit card use is generally restricted to resorts. There are ATMs located in main town area and a currency exchange service will be available at the port.


There are no public telephones but mobile coverage is available. Wi-fi is available at some resorts and hotels in Wewak. Typically charges are based on time usage or per megabyte. Charges start at K10.


To make your day ashore as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat soled shoes, lightweight clothing and a hat. You are also advised to bring sunscreen and bottled water.


There are a range of Shore Tours available to really get the most out of your time in the Sepik River Region. Shore Tours can be booked onboard at the Shore Tours desk and are subject to availability. Guests are required to meet at a specific location for each Shore Tour departure. Please refer to your Shore Tour ticket for the correct time and place.


Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.

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