P&O Edge Adventure Park

Life on the edge!

P&O Edge is not for the faint hearted. If you’re up for some extra adventure, join the adrenalin junkies at P&O Edge Adventure Park. It’s awesome!

Have you ever wanted to, say, race down a zip line on the top deck of a cruise ship? At P&O Edge you can! With a range of exciting activities you can get really get your heart pumping. Reach the top with the funnel climb, don’t look down when crossing the slackline or take a leap of faith on the flying fox.

Browse now and book your Edge Pass in Cruise Control from 90 days, up to 4 days, before your cruise departure (unless sold out prior).

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*Facilities, services and entertainment vary by ship.

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With a range of adrenalin pumping activities to choose from* including Flying Fox, Bridge Roof Walk, Rock Climbing, Slackline Surfing, Walk the Plank, Stick It Archery, High Ropes, Cargo Neg, Knotted Rope, Pole Climb, Edge 3-Dimension, Laser Tag, Mechanical Shark, Titanic Experience, Beam Walk, Snakes n Ladders, Lean Out and Abseiling, you’re definitely going to need a P&O Edge Pass which you can purchase in Cruise Control once you’ve made your cruise booking.

*Facilities vary on each ship

Terms and Conditions Apply

Important Notice

Whilst the P&O Edge activities are operated on vessels operated by Carnival plc trading as P&O Cruises (“P&O”), the P&O Edge activities are operated solely by 2 Australia Pty Ltd trading as Pacific Adventures (ABN 36 153 353 550) (“Pacific Adventures”) and not by P&O.  P&O acts only as booking agent for Pacific Adventures.  Participation by a passenger in P&O Edge activities is conditional upon the passenger’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and signing the acceptance of risk agreement and indemnity form (“Indemnity Form”).

You should be aware that by participating in P&O Edge activities you will be involved in a high level of physical exertion or activity.  You should only book and participate in P&O Edge activities if you are confident that you are in good physical and mental condition.  You should refrain from participating in P&O Edge activities if you have a history of seizures, dizziness, fainting, a heart condition, respiratory problems, or if you are taking a medication that carries a warning about possible impairment of physical or mental abilities.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to participate in the P&O Edge activities you have booked.

Edge Activity Bookings

Bookings for all P&O Edge activities can be made at the P&O Edge Shop fronts;

  • Pacific Encounter - Deck 17
  • Pacific Explorer – Deck 12 Mid Ship
  • Pacific Adventure - Deck 17

All P&O Edge activities will be charged to your shipboard account at the time of booking, unless a VIP Edge pass has been purchased prior to the cruise. Prices are in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice. Note that all VIP Edge passes are valid for the duration of the cruise.

Changes to Bookings

All activity booking times and dates may be changed by the participant up to 24 hours prior to the date of the booking.  Cancellations are not permitted. 

Indemnity Forms

Before participating in any P&O Edge activity, all participants must sign an Indemnity Form (a parent/guardian will be required to sign if the participant is under the age of 18 years).  The Indemnity Form requires you to give a number of acknowledgements including your acceptance of the risks involved with the P&O Edge activities and a release and indemnity in favour of Pacific Adventures and P&O.

Age Restrictions

Pacific Adventures has a minimum age of 5yrs on all activities. Note that to safely participate, you must also be able to correctly fit in the appropriate personal protective equipment. Children ages from 5-17yrs. Adult ages from 18+

Weight Restrictions

For safety reasons, weight restrictions apply to P&O Edge activities. Pacific Adventures may ask you for your weight before participating in an activity. Note, a maximum weight of 110kg on all activities. Exclusion to this is Bungy trampoline which is maximum of 90kg. Note that a minimum weight of 20kg is required for Segways/Robsteps/Ninebot.

Cancelled or rescheduled activities

Pacific Adventures reserves the right to change/cancel activities for safety reasons or in the event of circumstances beyond its control (such as bad weather).  On the rare occasions that Pacific Adventures needs to cancel a scheduled adventure, your booking can be transferred to a different day or alternate activity.  If this is not suitable, a refund will be issued.

Requirements to participate

Pacific Adventures may perform a breath-test on participants. Participants may not participate in any P&O Edge activity if their blood alcohol concentration is greater than 0.05%, if they refuse to be breath-tested or if they appear to be under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal).  No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Pacific Adventures will provide all participants with equipment for use in each P&O Edge activity.  Use of this equipment is mandatory.  Participants must at all times comply with the directions and instructions of Pacific Adventures’ personnel.  Pacific Adventures reserves the right to exclude a participant from a P&O Edge activity if they do not comply with such directions or instructions, or if the participant behaves in a manner that affects the safety, well-being or enjoyment of any other person onboard.  No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

For safety reasons, weight restrictions apply to some P&O Edge activities, due to the load capacity of equipment used.  Pacific Adventures may ask a participant to be weighed before participating in any P&O Edge activity.

Pacific Adventures may refuse participation in any P&O Edge activity, at Pacific Adventures’ discretion, if Pacific Adventures reasonably believes that the health, safety and well-being of the participant, Pacific Adventures’ personnel or any other person onboard may be at risk.  A refund will be given if Pacific Adventures informs the participant that they are not able to participate in a P&O Edge activity for any reason other than those set out above.

During the activities

All participants are required to arrive at the designated meeting point for their P&O Edge activity at the appointed time.  Arrival after this time may result in non-admittance to the P&O Edge activity at Pacific Adventures’ discretion, without refund.

Participants are not permitted to take any items with them during a P&O Edge activity (including but not limited to cameras, videos, mobile phones, handbags or any other personal item).

P&O and/or Pacific Adventures will take photographs of P&O Edge activity participants which will be made available for sale.  Participants consent to P&O and/or Pacific Adventures using and reproducing any photograph taken of participants for any purpose including display and purchase of the photographs, or promotion of the P&O Edge activities.

Governing law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws in force in New South Wales, Australia and participants irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia.