A Port Vila kind of life
Capital of breathtaking Vanuatu, Port Vila makes a point of keeping it casual and tropical, making it oh-so hard to leave behind.
The best of Vanuatu, Santo
A prime destination for relaxation and adventure, the port of Santo is your gateway to all the island wonders of Espirito Santo.
Vila City Highlights
Follow Sally’s lead and book yourself in for a Shore Tour that will do much more than just entertain you for the day.

A Port Vila kind of life

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Set on a beautiful natural harbour, Port Vila is a magnificent cultural blend with Melanesian, English, French and Asian influences. You’ll love the warm hospitality, beautiful scenery and great cafe culture. You won’t soon forget your visit to Port Villa.

The best of Vanuatu, Santo

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Proof that the Vanuatu has more to offer than just endless white beaches, crystal waters, and blue skies (though you'll find all of those here), Santo is home to the world's most intact and accessible shipwreck – the 22,000-tonne President Coolidge.

Vila City Highlights

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After cyclone Yasi devastated her home town, Sally decided to get out there, get on her first cruise and experience other cultures. On her tour of Port Vila she finds that there is so much more to the world than the town you live in and your day to day life.

Cascading waterfalls, welcoming locals, picture-perfect beaches and magnificent underwater life - you might say Vanuatu is a tropical island dream!

An archipelago of 83 islands, Vanuatu's island's offer a mix of fascinating tribal cultures and communities, beach getaways and some of the best scenery in the world. The underwater world is just as magnificent, with superb visibility, warm water and numerous accessible dive sites, including that of the famous ‘President Coolidge’ shipwreck.

P&O Cruises offers a range of holidays visiting Vanuatu islands including Vila, Wala, Mystery IslandSanto and Champagne Bay

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Ports of Call in Vanuatu 

  • Champagne Bay

    P&O Cruises favourite beach Champagne Bay has consistently been voted as the top destination by P&O Cruises' guests. Champagne Bay is...

    Cruise to Champagne Bay
  • Mystery Island

    The ultimate untouched paradise Tiny Mystery Island is remote and hard to reach (except via cruise ships) which means the island has remained...

    Cruise to Mystery Island
  • Pentecost

    A true one-of-a kind cultural experience, this mountainous island remains relatively untouched by Westerners - there are no towns, only villages...

    Cruise to Pentecost
  • Santo

    History meets tropical paradise Santo provides a unique mix of significant historical signts along with magnificent tropical scenery. From the...

    Cruise to Santo
  • Vila

    The adventure capital of the Pacific Vila is and adventure lover's dream! Choose from diving, abseiling, jet boating, kayaking, horse riding,...

    Cruise to Vila
  • Wala

    Experience the unique Nambus culture Wala is remote, scarcely populated and steeped in culture. The island is the only place in the world where...

    Cruise to Wala

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We also offer cruises to many other locations in the Pacific Islands. Or, choose from cruises visiting Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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