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When you embark on a holiday with P&O Cruises you enter another world. A world inspired by the freedom of the open sea. A world where ‘normal’ is what you make it. It is a world you enter the moment the ship leaves Earth and launches off on your adventure. A world where you are free to have your holiday any way that you choose. Start dinner with dessert. Wake up at the crack of midday. Discover strange new worlds.

Stress free travel

Flat beds for everyone!
(Not just business class)

Loads of inclusions in the price: No expensive surprises

Unpack once & see more

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We're here to make it easier for you
(Just like on our cruises)


Fixed price with loads of inclusions

Activities to suit everyone (as a group, or individually)

No uncomfortable economy seats or jet lag

Simple, single booking – no need to search 50 hotel sites

Onboard child care

Traditional travel

Long queues in customs

You have to manage all travel and accommodation bookings

Group bookings can be a total nightmare

Jet lag and travel hassles

No fixed costs, generally more expensive

An easier way to holiday

Choosing your perfect holiday is easy

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