Vaccinations for Cruises

Get in the know

Some countries have very strict health requirements. So if you don’t have the correct vaccinations, you won't be allowed to go ashore at certain destinations. We don’t want you to miss out on amazing experiences and shore tours so making sure you have the right vaccinations is important. Plus, some local authorities may impose a monetary fine or deny the ship into port.

Want to know more? Contact any of these organisations;

  • World Health Organisation
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia
  • Smart Traveller
  • New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Doctor's orders

Having the flu is no fun, especially while on holiday. Australian public health authorities strongly recommend that all cruise ship passengers receive influenza vaccination at least two weeks before the start of their cruise.

Let the countdown begin

Give yourself enough time to make sure you are good to go. P&O recommend that you visit your doctor 6-8 weeks before you depart to discuss and plan all necessary travel vaccines, including influenza vaccine.